Jimmy Valentine Speech

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Jimmy Valentine should not go to jail. It may come to you as a surprise. Everyone here can prove it. Oh how he has changed since the last time we met him. You should just talk to the guy. I think he really followed the advice I gave him earlier about starting over. He really deserves another chance. After all he is now living better than before he is not robbing banks anymore. Jimmy has been very good lately he hasn't committed a crime in a while now he has actually been really productive for himself and his new town. He even has a friend for himself. It would really be a shame if something mixed up their. There are many reasons why he really shouldn’t go back to jail. One that I recently mentioned was that he has now a woman…show more content…
He first changed his name which was something obvious he had to do or else people would think bad of him. As soon as I asked people in the beginning about him and how he looked they all immediately knew who he was they all described him as very nice and well mannered and that took me to a surprising halt and when I told them his name they told me it was Spencer. So I asked people what he did for a living and they said he was the best shoemaker this town had ever had. People thought of him as a good man and lucky to have him if they knew him very well which was odd but then again they didn’t know he robbed banks before. The point is he actually made his own business and he started it from scratch and he built his way up. People also kept on telling me how he was also going to marry the bank's owners daughter and were they were currently at. Which now I went there and took Jimmy with me. He told me everything about what happened and how he changed for the better. I really believed him he didn’t want to go to jail again. He was doing good for his community and people would miss him gravely especially his soon to be wife. Just in case you think this is not true I actually took a picture of Jimmy's store and his shoes and took a picture of his soon to be wife and I am mailing it to you with this

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