Jean-Mitchel Basquiate Dustheads

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Describe: The art work that chose to write about is called Dustheads by Jean- Mitchel Basquiate created by him in 1982. The medium that Jean- Mitchel Basquiate used in his master piece was acrylic paint, oil stick, spray enamel, and metallic paint on canvas. Jean- Mitchel Basquiate was a neo- expressionist painter-also called as naïve art- is a classification of art that is often characterized by a childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique- and collaboration with pop art Andy Warhol. This art work can complete all characteristics of the elements of art- line, shape, form, color, texture, etc. The artist- Jean-Mitchel Basquiate- created lines with his fingers and with the paint brush. Basquiate dipped his fingers in the paint…show more content…
The person or object that is in the lef6t has the body of a stick figure, but also his body is made out of a rhombus, technically the top portion-the chest- is a rhombus and a line goes through it like the spine of a person. There are 2 bodies in the artwork, but both are totally distinct objects. Fo5r example, the one in the left- the yellow face – stick man figure- seems to be a light figure, almost a ghost like figure, because it doesn’t have any type of body, only a large head. The body in the right appears to be more like a human being; it has more of complete body, more volume into it. Covered it color balanced everything out correctly. There are also, many parts of the painting that is not balanced, for example the ghost like figure, and it has a huge, oversized head and a stick man figure / body. What catches the viewer’s attention is the strange position the think lines are placed, in the middle, almost building a barrier between the ghost like figure and the human- like figure. It’s unusual for Jean- Mitchell Basquiate to put lines in the middle. It’s also a bit colorful, with the dark background and bright colors it will stand out very much. What can also catch the viewer’s attention is the bright colors Basquiate uses, deep and bright colors. It seems to me that Basquiuate tries to make a new way to

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