James Mcteigue Analysis

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Director James McTeigue brings us a futuristic world where Britain is run by a totalitarian government. Evey played by Natalie Portmanis a young woman is saved from a life and death situation by masked man knowns as “V” played by Hugo Weaving, V is a man seeking his own personal vendetta, he is also determined to free the innocent citizens from those who have frightened them into submission. V will take on the plot Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully attempted on November 5th in 1605, he will blow up Parliament. Evey and V become unlikely allies in his plan the start a revolution, bringing freedom and justice back to a society driven by corruption and cruelty. The first shot is an establishing shot from a speakerphone on rainy night (see figure 1), indicating to the viewer the scene is going to be quite menacing. I think McTeigue uses this idea as a way of foreshadowing what is going to happen before it happens, in a way it is like dramatic irony as the character is unaware of what is going…show more content…
There are also a few over the shoulder shots of the masked character (see figure 8 & 9) this allows the viewers to get an insight into what the masked character is able to see from his point of view, the viewers are then aware of how the fight is going down, this often add as sense of realism to the shot as the viewer often adopts the same view as the character. The lighting is dark and low key showing the viewer things the you often

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