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Jack Phillips Report Born in Farncome on April 11 in 1887, was Jack Phillips. He lived in a flat above the Draper shop that his parents owned. He had two elder sisters. His primary education was maintained at Church School. Once he had finished Church School he joined the Post Office. At the Post Office they allowed for him to get the opportunity to learn how to be a telegraphist. For a couple years Jack sailed on various boats such as Lusitania and the Mauretania. Shortly after this, he was given the job of an operating post at the Marconi Station. As he continued with the increasing amount of experience, he was soon promoted to work on the RMS…show more content…
Many people didn't take it seriously when they first heard that the Titanic is sinking because they had the false belief that the ship was unsinkable and such a tragedy would never occur. As the Titanic sunk, Jack stayed at the post and took the duty of sending out calls to the outsiders so they can assist all the members on the Titanic and send more lifeboats. As time passed and it would only take 160 seconds until the ship sank, Jack remained there. The captain had came in and warned him how it would difficult to survive and every man was now on their own. He was given a life jacket however with all the panic and everyone running to the lifeboats, he decided to remain calm. Bride, the other radio officer, left the transmitter because Jack said he would be able to handle it and he also wanted Bride to live. Jack is now widely recognized for the character he showed on the Titanic in which he was so devoted to his job where he didn't care if he was one of the people to die on the ship, as long as he did his job he would be satisfied. His greatness helped reduce the amount of deaths because he was the bravest one who stayed committed. However, he did die and his body remained undiscovered after the sinking of the Titanic. A huge issue that had caused more deaths than predicted was the filling of the lifeboats. They were not used fully to its abilities. For example, the first lifeboat had a capacity of 68 people and only 28 were actually fitted onto to the both, so in essence a bunch of space was wasted that could've been filled with

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