Marketing Strategy: Acme Widget Company

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I. PROJECT SUMMARY As Acme Widget Company has released the new type of its toy products called “Generations”, the main purpose of this project is to publicly announce the Generations in order raise its awareness positively in the public eye. Besides the project’s purposes, the project also has some specific goals that align with the purpose; therefore, those goals are: • Increasing Generations’ public awareness by 90% at the end of the year • Increasing Generations’ engagement in terms of purchases • Creating a participation based environment that allows Generations toys’ potential customers to reflect on the benefits of the product such as longevity, provide feedback and convey information to their friends and families through word of mouth.…show more content…
2). IV. TARGETED MESSAGE The following is the single-minded message that represents the whole message of this Acme project “From a durable and eco-friendly wooden toy such as Generations, children’s creativity, health and life enjoyment can be enhanced” V. TONE AND MESSAGING To show grab target audience’s attention and influence them to take an action in purchasing “Generations”, the Acme Widget Company needs to be strategic on how its message is delivered through different channels and how the tone was used to hook the target audience. Thus, the chart below shows how the AIDA model will be applied in this project. As the tone and messaging will be instrumental in raising Generations toys’ awareness and leading the target audience to making a purchase, the overall tone of the messaging and tone will be persuasive in terms of benefits that Generations toys will provide and consistent. Examples of descriptors will be “Durable, eco-friendly, safe, creativity influencer and playful” (Eco Toys,…show more content…
As publics include both external and internal stakeholders such as customers. Public Relations can be used in this project to create a positive relationship between Acme and its existing customers and develop an awareness about its project to reach new customers. Once existing customers are maintained well and new ones are acquired positively, Acme’s Generations will be purchased, which will help to reach the goal of increasing the number of Generations toys’ purchases and Acme’s customer based. The specific media tools that can be used in this case are “newspapers and participation in public service

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