Is Everyone A Little Bit Racism Summary

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Over the last couple century’s racism and stereotyping has been around. As much as time goes by and people think it would bypass, it doesn’t. Some people are stuck on their views that they won’t consider the true reality, which is we are very much the same. In the article, Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist by Nicholas Kristol, mentions how blacks are stereotyped when it comes to everything such as jobs, schools, and getting convicted or arrested. In relation to Kristof, the article Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions by Sendhil Mullainathan, mentions how blacks are stereotyped based on their skin color. In addition to my results compared to others I don’t see color when it comes to race. In Kristof’s article he addresses life events involving racism. His main argument that he’s trying to get across is that racism is everywhere and done by anyone of any race. Also those who are racist, think that racism, discrimination, or stereotyping is acceptable. These certain kind of people are those who have certain behaviors that cause havoc. In pertaining to the death of an unarmed teenager Michael Brown, who was gun down by a white police officer in the city of Ferguson, MO…show more content…
I wasn’t surprised from my results because as I child, I was always around mixed races. Plus, I grew up to not judge a person by their color of their skin or by their appearances. Some people who have taken the test are really surprised about their results because some feel they wouldn’t think or act differently for a particular race. Overall, the article states,” 70 percent show a preference for whites, and only 17 percent fall into my neutral category”(Tierney). The statistic presented surprised me because I personally wouldn’t think a lot of people were closed minded when it came to race because of the generation we live in

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