Intesa Sanpaolo Office Case Study

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The Intesa Sanpaolo Office Building is situated on the edge of a historic town centre and is close to the Porta Susa Station. The location is of strategic importance and the Intesa Sanpaolo is surrounded by public services and facilities. The building occupies a site with the adjoining Nicola Grosa garden that has been upgraded to a playful space with lawns and became neighbourhood friendly. The entrance hall of the Intesa Sanpaolo building has an access into the garden on the ground floor. The building has been commissioned by the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. One of Italy’s biggest banks. It has been completely financed by the bank itself and now serves as its headquarters. It is also the main office for the Executive Management team. The design is a representation of the bank’s…show more content…
Megacolumns 2. Diagonal bracing on west and east elevations 3. Horizontal bracing struts supporting double façade’s outer skin 4. R.C vertical circulation core 5. Glass roof Pavilion 6. Truss supporting roof pavilion 7. Internal columns 8. Diagonal bracing on South Elevation 9. Cantilevering staircase 10. Meeting rooms supported on cantilever truss 11. Transfer trusses spanning onto mega columns and core 12. R.C substructure The primary structure has cantilevering truss structures that connects both the concrete core to the megacolumns. The auditorium fits into the space as the truss structure allows for columns free spaces. However, since it is a cantilevering structure, there is a permanent overturning moment on the trusses. Other factors that affect the trusses are the lateral wind forces and the seismic effect present. (Ratcliffe, 2016) At an earlier stage in design process, the designers and engineers strongly envisaged the possibility of using a steel structure for the circulation core, to simplify construction processes. However, due to an increase in steel prices, the designers and engineers reconsidered their decision and opted for a concrete core

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