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Nationalism, the wrong way. The Impact Of Nationalism on Europe Did you know that most wars start with acts of terrorism? The Great War started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated. The war in Afghanistan started with 9/11. Minor localized conflicts, like an act of terrorism in Bosnia can snowball to national conflicts on a grand scale. Serbian Nationalism causing terrorism, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, and the formation and disbanding of a Serbian Nationalist group called The Black Hand are major events in the Balkans in the early 20th century. Nationalism is behind many terrorist acts in the world, it is the belief that all of one region is one nation. One nationalist group…show more content…
The French Revolution had brought up the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity, which ultimately formed the basis of what is now nationalism. One main leader of the French Revolution was Napoleon Bonaparte who supported the ideas of nationalism and helped to overthrow the monarchy even though he was a supporter of it. Just after the revolution, Napoleon was appointed to be the Premier Consul of France. Later he was appointed to be the Emperor of France. In his reign, Napoleon conquered a many territories throughout Europe. Germany and Italy were divided into many provinces. French Nationalism is what Europe needed to create a new…show more content…
In Germany, Otto von Bismarck helped to reunify the 39 principalities in Germany to create the German Confederation. This period was one of the biggest Nationalist movements Germany has ever had. And led to the German Confederation capturing Prussia and becoming the German Empire. In Italy Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Giraldi, and Count Camillo di Cavour help unify the scattered territories of Italy. These Italian states were brought together to become the Kingdom of Italy. This was a thriving country until in 1922 when Benito Mussolini entered power. Mussolini had become the fascist ruler of Italy and would stay that way until he was overthrown in 1943. Fascism is a form of extreme Nationalism. One example of a fascist country besides Italy is Nazi Germany. During the Revolutionary Period, nationalism had brought optimistic events, like the reunification of Germany and

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