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International Harvester was an agricultural company that revolutionized American farms and set the standard for quality farm equipment. International Harvester touched people’s lives all across the world and changed millions of peoples attitudes and introduced new better, and never before seen equipment.They helped make America the booming agricultural headquarters of the world. A large portion of the equipment produced is still used in today’s market harvesting the food on the people’s table that feed families. International Harvester was a fantastic company that had a good morale, great equipment, changed lives for the better, and still to this day makes good quality equipment. In the early production days of International Harvester, there…show more content…
This reaper was called the Daisy Reaper, which was much more efficient than the earlier reapers that were produced in the early 1800s. It was introduced to the American market in 1882 (150 Years Of International Harvester 69). International Harvester then became clearly known for their excellently performing equipment, especially their reapers. After this, they began to focus on developing something bigger, better and more efficient than the farmers average horse to pull these reapers with. The engineers knew that the railroads were using steam to power their railroad systems, so researchers and engineers came together and made a plan to produce the very first steam powered tractor. This tractor’s engine was basically a smaller version of a train’s steam engine using very similar components. In 1886 Case and International Harvester produced and sold the very first of the world’s steam engine tractors ( Every farm that wanted to grow and succeed found these tractors to be a necessity. They were very slow and used lots of resources, yet they had power equivalent to even some of today’s equipment making jobs thought to be impossible easier. This began a whole new chapter in the agricultural industry that made America and the rest of the world what it is today (Red Power magazine 24). In the very early 1900s, the very first gasoline powered tractor called the Model 10-20 was…show more content…
Once stocks began to be pulled from the market the company began to fire large quantities of people to save money. The workers who continued to work planned a strike. This strike lasted nearly three months before negotiations began. During the 4th month negationations stated that International Harvester would pay one and a half time for overtime due to the smaller workforce. This was enough to resolve the strike and the entire workforce resumed work. Within nearly six months of the company stock going down, International Harvester closed doors due to bankruptcy putting nearly 30,000 people out of jobs across america in mid 1985 ( Within months, Case tractor company bought International Harvester and changed the name to Case International. Only 10,000 of the former International Harvester employees were hired by Case International. Case International abandoned the old International factors and expanded the Case factories in Wisconsin and Canada to accept extra production of the added company. The company, CaseIh has boomed ever since 1985 without any major issues or lawsuits, and it is still a great growing company to this day

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