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The cross has served as a basis for much of Christian religion. It is the premier sign of the religion and many Christians all commonly wear it. The Christian cross symbol is often shown in different shapes and sizes and includes many different styles found throughout history. The cross can be used for jewelry and on top of church buildings. The artifact that serves of great importance to me is my kairos Cross. This kairos was given to me during My Senior of High School after my kairos Retreat. kairos means ‘God’s Time” and for the whole entire retreat we have to live in God’s Time. Lots of prayer and reflection occurs on this retreat, but it’s not like any other retreat. A kairos retreat is very emotional and has a big impact on one’s life. Therefore, this kairos cross reminds the people who attended this…show more content…
It represents a sign of healing which is one of the main things Christians yearn for me. Jerusalem cross is also known as the crusaders cross. The design of the cross originates with the coat of arms worn by Godfrey of Bouillon and it remained in use as the arms of the King of Jerusalem from 1099-1291. The cross features many carvings on it that represent the five wounds of Jesus Christ. In my life, I have seen three different kairos crosses and everyone that has been on the retreat recognizes it very clearly. I have the cross for 5 months and I do not know who produced it. Almost every cross is made in a warehouse that is run by a church or supports a church group. A cross has been a very significant piece of culture. It is one of the most common forms of jewelry and has become increasingly popular over many decades. One simple object has become the face of a religion and now the face of jewelry all over the world. As time goes on jewelry companies produce more fancy versions of a cross. Whether it comes with diamonds, pearls, gold or silver, there will always be a different version of a

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