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Integrated Patrol Bongbong Alfaro CRMJ 310 DeVry University Integrated Patrol The goal of policing is to provide the police department around the globe with the sense of purpose and direction. According to the text, police department policing goals includes prevention of crime and protection of life, to uphold and enforce the law, to combat public fear of crime, to promote community safety, to control traffic, to encourage respect for the law and to protect the civil rights and liberties of individuals (Grant, 2004). Meanwhile, Anne Arundel County Police Department developed an experiment called Integrated Patrol consists of increase officer productivity; expand responsibility beyond writing incident reports; decrease reliance…show more content…
According to Captain Regina Reasonable, based on police productivity, she mentioned that last year reports on unsolved cases are up 21 percent, vehicle stops are down 18 percent and so on. After the Deputy Chief presented the new strategy, integrated patrol, allows police officers to be mobilize throughout the patrol area as they observe crime patterns from occurring. Besides writing incident reports, police officers are more engage into the community in deterring a crime. Writing an incident report is significant due to communities trust with officers is shrinking day-by-day. Today, based on the reports, it is important to document all incident report to the chain of command for evaluations. Meanwhile, specialized units are not obligated to follow-up cases because all police officers are investigators. Police office must decrease rely on specialized units on following up cases such as cold cases and so on. In addition, each officer needs to demonstrate expertise in criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, drug suppression, and routine patrol. Moreover, specialized units such as SWAT, Sniper, and K-9’s job are to assist our fellow officer who needs helps especially if there are hostages or active shooter in sight for instances. Police officers in the department must establish flexibility on his or her normal

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