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Johannes Gutenberg How many people remember Gutenberg for his printing press? Who was Gutenberg before he invented the printing press? This essay will explain Gutenberg’s life before inventing the printing press, and the printing press with the Asian variants, and the impact of the printing press. Johannes Gutenberg was the third son of a merchant named Freile sum Gensfleisch and his second wife Else Wirick zum Gutenberg ( editors). He worked as an apprentice for a goldsmith. Due to an unfortunate revolt in Mainz against noble class, however, Gutenberg’s family was exiled to France, what is now known as Strasbourg (editor, 2013). But Gutenberg would return, and begin the creation of the most revolutionary invention. Gutenberg would have an unfortunate need for funds. So he went to Johann Fust and borrowed 800 “guilders” ( editors). But was the printing press a completely original idea?…show more content…
The movable type, which used wood blocks, had been used centuries earlier ( editors). But Guttenberg had a modification: metal. Metal blocks that ( editors). Metal blocks also brought up the idea of interchangeable type. Interchangeable type is the ability to change metal blocks with any printing press anywhere. With this printing press, Gutenberg went to work producing a bible that would be forever known by his name: the Guttenberg Bible. His investor, Johann Fust was becoming rather impatient. He(Fust) claimed that Gutenberg was wasting money (editor, 2013). Soon a court case was made and the favor went to Fust. Gutenberg had lost his business, but the Gutenberg bible was produced. Before Gutenberg died in 1468, however printing presses were making books in all of the greatest cities on the continent. The printing press made changes then, but it is still influencing the world

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