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New York City. The greatest city in the world… However, nobody thinks about the city right next to NYC. That’s right. You have guessed it. Jersey City. But we are not talking about Jersey City. We’re talking about Downtown Jersey City. Downtown Jersey City is the area west from the Hudson River and New York. It is a redeveloped waterfront area consisting mostly of residential towers, hotels and office buildings. So basically, it is the commercial hub of Jersey City. Downtown consists of Exchange Place, Newport, and West Downtown. This area is now still going through development and construction. Soon, it will be the central business hub of Hudson County. This community has a very diverse population and a unique feel to it. This neighborhood is important to me because I usually go here for enjoyment and fun. This area has many places, shops, restaurants, etc. to see and experience. I researched about this area and uncovered some things I didn’t know, like Downtown Jersey City really used to be an enormous train station. I found this very intriguing! People go to this area primarily because of the view of the Manhattan Skyline. Also, because of restaurants, stores, and much more… You can expect to see the main attractions of Downtown Jersey City in my project. Let’s check it out!!!…show more content…
The Goldman Sachs Tower is the tallest building in New Jersey. It is 238 meters long. Only a marvel like this can be in Jersey City! This building is important to this community because it has offices, a cafeteria, a health unit, and a full-service fitness facility including a physical therapy clinic. This building has various uses for it. It is used for business, restaurants, and much more… This picture has a great relationship with Downtown Jersey City because it portrays the beauty of this

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