Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper

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Introduction “The Last Supper”, a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, Italy born artist began to be painted in 1495 on the wall of the dining hall of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy and was completed in 1498. “The Last Supper” painting is one of the most studied, scrutinized and famous paintings of all times. The representation of the painting is of “The Last Supper” of Jesus and his twelve disciples, as it is told in the Gospel of John, 13:21 of the Bible. Theme I believe the theme of this particular painting was to show how Jesus was being portrayed as he broke bread for the last time with his disciples before he was to give his life and be crucified so that all debts and sins of man could be forgiven. This painting shows his humble and…show more content…
As we see in the painting Christ sitting humbly as he and his twelve disciples partake in the final meal before he gives his life for the debts and sins off all men. For me I think I would have been a bit more nervous than Christ was but I feel like he was at peace with it because he was a selfless man. Da Vinci took the interpretation of what the Gospel according to John had given him in writing and gave everyone a visual look at what “The Last Supper” his interpretation of it was. I feel that da Vinci’s outlook was spot on. Some may argue that Jesus could not be sitting at that table knowing that he had been betrayed or knowing that he was going to give his life so that others may be able to have one, would be too much for one man to handle. Others argue the race and physical features of what and who Christ is or looked like. Why this is a tough debate being that no one has actual been able to identify Christ, it’s a mans faith that paints this picture. If da Vinci had not believe in Christ, this painting would never have became one of the world’s most famous and scrutinized paintings
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