Character Development In A Problem By Anton Chevkov

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Anton Chevkov, author of the short story “A Problem” uses various character development techniques to bring his characters to life. The main sources he used when developing the characters are history, relationships, thoughts and defects. He also makes his character very relatable since anyone could have gone through most of his situation in his youth. The author uses history giving the characters background that explains why he or she act a certain way. For example, Sasha lost his parents at a young age leaving him without any good influences and lack of structure while growing up, which explains the reason why he behaves in such a wild nature that lead to getting himself expelled from school. Since he did not have parents to teach him the difference between right and wrong, he did not learn the criteria to realize that what he was doing was wrong. Although not a fully developed history, it seems that Ivan Markovitch cared a lot about his sister and therefore he felt it his duty to help out his nephew. On the other hand, the father’s family was more of an old fashioned type since they cared more about honor than…show more content…
This brings us back to Sasha not having good influences or good relationships with his family. Sasha dislikes his father’s side of his family, Colonel Uskov, although the author doesn’t really give a reason to why he feels this old hatred towards him. In a certain way Sasha feels some appreciation and respect towards his maternal uncle Ivan Markovitch because he is there to ask for forgiveness as a request from him. At the end Sasha even starts to feel good about the punishment until thoughts of alcohol and women create an irresistible craving making him go mad and turn against his uncle. After this scene he comes back to his senses and realized that he is indeed a

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