Gene Slicing In Jurassic World

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I discuss the movie, Jurassic world in my discussion assignment this week and I decided to use the learning journal to research into dinosaurs and gene slicing using the Uopeople library. Almost all of us have heard the name dinosaurs, but nobody seems to know where the name was derived from or what it means. The name dinosaur was derived from two Greek words, meaning “terrible lizard”. These dinosaurs or “terrible lizards lived between 66 and 225 million years ago, Just like the animals we see today, some of them were herbivores while the rest were carnivores. In terms of sizes, some of these creatures grew to about two feet long, but others like the tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex) was over 40 feet long, then the giant herbivores Brachiosaurus grew to be 85 feet long and about 50 feet tall. According to Freedman et al. (2014) their skulls had two temporal openings on each side (in addition to the opening…show more content…
2014). In the movie Jurassic world we see what the scientist achieved by mixing the genes of other dinosaurs to create one called “Indominus Rex”. But I would want to drag out attention to what gene splicing is about. The term gene splicing refers to molecular biochemical techniques used to attach different DNA molecules to one another (Gale 2008). Gene splicing is what we commonly call cloning. In the movie “Indominus Rex” had multiple DNA from Cuttlefish which gave her the ability to blend in with her surrounding, basically making her invisible, Tree Frog so she could live in the tropical environment like we saw in the movie they were on an Island, Velociraptor that is also a dinosaur and this gene made “Indominus Rex” intelligent, and then she also got the gene of Tyrannosaurus Rex this gave her a body type. She looks like a T-Rex, but she’s far more intelligent and impressive than

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