In The Meantime Nothing Happens By Ibtihal Al-Khateeb Analysis

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In the article “In The Meantime, Nothing Happens”, Dr. Ibtihal Al-Khateeb writes about the educational scandals and the lack of system especially the illegal mediation which she defined it from the Arabic word “wasta”. She discusses the bad conditions of some teachers who forget their high role, and turn a blind eye and sometimes helping to spread the bad behaviors like cheating or punishing the new students if they feel intimidated and loneliness at the beginning of the academic careers. Al-Khateeb also mentions the stealing that occur in government tenders and failure to implement. She talks about the traffic, and how is “our valuable time is lost on merciless roads that are overcrowded”(Al-Khateeb 4). According to Al-Khateeb, the students in the university stage have a lack of knowledge especially in the prehistoric and the foundations of psychology. The author main concern is the Illegal Residents, and the group who supporting their case. She mentions their rights and the United Nations Committee. I agree with some of the writer’s opinions, but…show more content…
She mentioned a certain group called Group 29 but gave no further details to show the reader how important this group and how it could have an impact on their case. She also mention “the united nation’s committee on the Rights of the Child”(4), without going further more details in order to show this organization's efforts in resolving the issue of illegal residents, if any. In addition, the author brings the fact of the report over the daily matters of the stateless residents, and the response to them. The reader can see there is a controversy between Group 29 and Al-Nasser, but if the reader doesn't have any previous information or background, they could get the exact idea over the situation. She should define them and mention who they are, and what they do, she may give some examples to reinforce her

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