In Order To Liive: A Brief Summary

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A 21 year old woman by the name of Yeonmi reveals the horrors she expereinced under the regime of Kim Jun as well as the dangers she faced when it came to escaping to China. Yeonmi Park live in North Korean up until 2007 which is the year that she and her mother left the country. She as well as her mother now resides in New York and just recently she revealed some of the details of her book In Order to Liive which gives an accurate first hand account of the horrors she and her mother faced while they were in North Korea. One of the details of her book that she shared was the fact that North Korean's Large economic decline began in the year of 1990. She proclaimed that as the Sociate UNion dismantled, the Russia ceased its favorable rates for exports to North Korea. As a result of this the country's economy essnetially came to a complete stop and this resulted in the starvation of millions of North Koreans 3,500,000 diead as a result of this massive famine and a wide array of other hunder/defieicny related diseases.…show more content…
She even desscribed an incident where she and her entire family had to eat "grasshoppers, flowers, dragonflies and a variety of other undesirable ingredents due to a lack of proper ingredents. What's even more harrowing about her story is that on top of enduring the massive famine, her family contisolu struggled under the circumnstances that the regime establushed. A prime examplee of such is the situation where she proclaimed that her family was ordered to inform on any indivaul who did not say the right thing. Meaning that, if people were to complain about the famine in general, citienze were expected to inform on those indvuals who would be deemed traitors after which they would be subqneutley improsined or sent to a work

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