In Flannery O 'Connor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find'

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The family trip in Flannery O'Connor's “A Good Man is Hard to Find” allegorizes Journey and Self Discovery, in order to show that people must go through internal pain to avoid being an idealistic person. Towards the end of the reading the Misfit and the Grandma had an unusual argument on their thoughts on religion. The Misfit was once a religious man, but once he got in trouble with the police, he became cruel and blamed Jesus for what had happen to him. While the Grandma on the other hand had strong beliefs in Jesus and viewed everyone as a good human being. Religion can make people become idealistic. When the family had a unfortunate accident and the Misfit appeared at the scene, the Grandma’s religious spirit burst into action. O’Connor acknowledges that the Grandma is a idealistic person by stating, “I know you’re a good man. You don't look a bit like you have com-mon blood. I know you must come from nice people.” The Grandma thought the Misfit was a good person inside and tried to make the Misfit re-evaluate his actions before he does anything violent. Some believe the Grandma was only trying to connect with the Misfit just so her and her family won’t get hurt. The Misfit in the other hand didn’t like how the Grandma tried to control him with her religious talks.…show more content…
At one point in time the Misfit was just like the Grandma and her religious beliefs, but one incident changed him entirely. O’Connor argues that the Misfit isn’t the religious person he once was by stating, “Jesus thrown everything off balance. It was the same case with Him as with me except He hadn’t committed any crime and they could prove I had committed one because they had the papers on me.” The Misfit thought he was protected by following his religion and believing in Jesus. However, once he was thrown in jail for something he doesn’t recall, he blamed Jesus for all his

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