Immanuel Kant's Role In The Deontological System

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Growing up in a very strict and religious household was not always that easy. Trying to understand most of my parent’s decision in my younger days left me scratching my head all the time. Religion also played a big role when it came to decision making with my parents and on the punishments I received. My parents always told me to help others, respecting myself and knowing the difference what is right and what is wrong. Growing up I always hated being told about what I should eat, how many hours of TV I was allowed to watch, when and where I can play outside, etc. As I got older I started understating as to why my parents would make certain decision and how I slowly over time I started to think just like them. Because of the way I was raised…show more content…
According to Pollock (2014) philosopher Immanuel Kant, who developed deontological ethical system said deontological ethical system is “the study of duty or moral obligation emphasizing the intent of the actor as the element of morality” (Pollock, 2014. P.33). Ethical formalism on the other hand is in the deontological system. Immanuel Kant states that ethical formalism is, “that focuses on duty; holds that the only thing truly good is a good will, and that what is good is that which conforms to the categorical imperative” (Pollock, 2014). One of the main reasons I selected these two out of all the other ones is because when I was growing up, my parents always told me to do the right thing for the right reasons. For example, when my brother and I were growing up my parents always got us some pretty sweet toys for our birthdays Christmas. My brothers birthday falls on December 12, couple of weeks before Christmas. So he always got more toys than I did around that time of the year and I always wanted to play with his toys as well. What I would do is I would start being extra nice to him and also let him play with my toys so he would eventually let me play with his new toys. My parents would say that I should not be nice to my brother just so he will allow me to play with his new toys but I should be nice to him because he is my…show more content…
I had hired on my best friends little brother as a normal kitchen crew member. Shortly after his hiring, I started to notice on my weekly inventory that we were sales of the cookies and white milk was not matching up. Someone in the store was going into the freezer and was eating the cookies and washing it down with nice cold white milk. This lasted almost a month until one day I was on the front counter and a customer ordered pies and I had to go into the freezer to drop some because we had ran out, I saw the cookie monster. The cookie monster was my best friends little brother. He had close to 3 cookies in mouth with a mini kid’s meal milk in his hand. His mouth was so full that he could not talk when I asked what he was doing eating the cookies. So I faced with a dilemma; should I just talk to him after work or to his parents on what he was doing or should I take the proper procedures like I would do with any other crew member. Since he was technically stealing food and stealing food is theft and theft is an automatic termination McDonald’s. I made the right decision and handed the cookie monster his termination

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