Descartes's Fastest Argument For The Existence Of God

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In my opinion, Descartes’s strongest argument for dualism is contained within his sixth meditation, in which he uses rhetoric to write a persuasive argument by appealing to logic. He argues that if something is conceivable then is logically possible. Descartes introduces the concept of God by saying that if something is not logically contradictory in nature then it could exist, or God could have created it. In this statement he is not saying that he can prove the existence of it, but that at least he can say that there is a clear distinct concept that we can understand to be true. An example of this conceivability argument is that although we can put the words ‘round square’ together, it does not mean that they stand for any distinct concept,…show more content…
Lets say for example that a person named Laura, thinks of Clark Kent as a men with certain properties that it is different to superman. The fact that the subject ‘Laura’ believes that Clarck kent and Superman are not the same, creates an intensional context in which the truth depends on the meanings and not the context. Superman in her head is a cape-wearing individual that fights off crime, whereas Clark Kent is a newspaper reporter. If the two names in question were to refer to the same individual, they could be exchange in the two statements about the properties of each and still hold true. But in this case Superman is not a newspaper reporter, therefore the co-referring expression is not substitutable, and this is caused by a misidentification of what is being conceived. The possibility of something being true by logic does not equal it being separate entities and cannot prove it to be true. The fact that Descartes has a clean and distinct conception of what the mind and body are, can be equally misleading and can give rise to the possibility that there is just one substance that is being referred to with two different

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