Objectages And Limitations Of A Machine Vision System

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MACHINE VISION SYSTEM 1. Introduction: Machine vision is the technology to replace or complement manual (Human) inspections and measurements with digital cameras and image processing. The technology is used in a Variety of different industries to automate the production, increase production speed and Income, and to improve product quality. Machine vision operation can be described in four-step flow: a. Imaging: Take an image. b. Processing and analysis: Analyze the image to get a result. c. Communication: Send the result to the system. d. Action: Take action depending on the vision system's result (product: pass or fail). At factories the industrialist wants an inspection system to be closes enough to the human control quality level. Many industrial activities have improvements from machine vision systems, especially the metallic parts production. As human control is performed by vision, a machine vision system is a good way to automate the inspection.…show more content…
Therefore, this project will take advantages of using a machine vision system to inspect the parts. 1.1 Objective After reading this document: a. Understand basic machine vision terminology. b. Information about some possibilities and limitations of machine vision. c. Enough theoretical information to begin practical work of machine vision. 1.2 Application Type There are four types of machine vision applications from technical point of view (locate measure, inspect and

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