I Want To Be America Again Analysis

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There are times where what people expect to be is not but just because life does not turn out the way they thought it would, that does not mean they should give up. If there is hope then there still is a chance to accomplish what one wants in life. In “Let America be America again” Hughes explains that the land of opportunities and dreams that everyone described America to be, that land was never the America he knew. He wants “America be the land where liberty is crowned,” because he was not a free man for the chains of slavery were an impediment for him to follow his dreams. He wants to live in a land where every mam is threated equal regardless of their economic position. He hopes to see the day where “equality is in the air,” and no…show more content…
The land where he would be free and would revive “the dream that’s almost dead,” he would be like a young man “full of strength and hope,” fighting for the dreams he had. Hughes believed that the land was of “the poor man’s, Indian’s, Negro’s,” that with “sweat, blood, faith and pain” made America, and because of their contribution to the country they deserved freedom and equality. Hughes wants America to be a “land where every man is free,” he was wants to experience a “land of love” where everyone has the same rights and where anyone no matter their economy status, religion, or race can pursue the American dream. In “A raisin in the Sun” Hughes describes that a deferred dream is like “rotten meat” or worse it “sags like a heavy load” because a dream with no action becomes heavy due to the fact that you cannot accomplish it, the disappointment of failure is what makes the load heavy. Hughes calls for action in “Let America be America again”, he tells the people, “we must take out land again and make America again.” Despite the fact that everything was against him he believed that he had the same rights of those with power and he was willing to fight to take America back and make it the land of freedom and
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