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I. The Winter Olympics are held every four years beginning with the first in Athens, Greece 1896. These games are the largest sports showcase in the world, attracting thousands across the world. The seven events that were showcased were performed on snow and ice. Compared to the Ancient Games, the Modern Olympics are hosted by a different city, featured in a different country. While the Ancient are held for eight days, the Modern Olympics are held for sixteen days. For each country the Opening and closing ceremonies highlight the historic culture of that country. For each country there is an IOC (International Olympic Committee) who are responsible for programming each event, stadium, and athlete training. The IOC consists of 99 members, 41 honorary members, and two honor members. In order for the…show more content…
Impacts of the cold on the body 1. If not treated right, hypothermia from the cold can lead to limbs freezing and being amputated 2. In order to prevent any critical injuries or effects from happening the tight uniform athletes wear during events cuts the blood circulation. IV. Predictions for the future of the Winter Games A. The rise of heat in our atmosphere 1. A few scientists in the early 1900’s tested the day temperature of 19 Olympic arenas. The average rate is supposed to rise 0.4 C in 1920 through 1950’s to 3.1 C. For the games held in the 2000’s, its already 7.8 C. Researchers have predicted that if the rise in heat continues, the Winter Olympics will be no more or have to change from real to fake snow. 2. Researchers stated that for the outdoor winter sports, there will need to be at least 30 centimeters of snow. But with the rise in Greenhouse Gases, there will be a decrease by 30 centimeters. 3. Scientists state that by 2050 the temperature will overall rise by 2.6 degrees and by 2080 it will rise by 4.3 degrees. They also stated that if we do not limit the use of fossil fuels, by 2050 the Winter Olympics will not be able to showcase every event

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