Career Challenges For The Pianist

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Career challenges and solutions: The Pianist The journey of a professional pianist involves complex challenges due to the oversupply of talented young pianists. Future pianists will face shrinking commercial support. However, talents can ensure sustainable living and stimulate career. My career choice of becoming a professional pianist includes obstacles and challenges. Irrespective of all the threats I chose to be a pianist because nothing appeals to me more than this profession. Although it takes a lot of patience and willingness to build an active and stable musician career (Conyers), I believe no career is free from the trials and only the determined can attain success. As pianist career involves challenges for the newcomers – controlling temper tantrums, financial security and maintaining creativity are crucial to career sustainability. I am currently studying at the Central Piedmont Community College and planning to pursue a career as a pianist, but the thought of hardships sometimes discourage me. However, I believe my desire and conviction will eventually allow me to overcome the trials; furthermore, one of the challenge I’ve spotted in the music industry is dealing with personal disappointments. Since increased competition generates difficult environment to establish renowned brand, most of us must undergo a series of…show more content…
Most visible struggles faced by the pianist include managing disappointments, making sufficient money for survival and attracting audiences. Adoption of effective solutions allows the pianist to cope with the trials of the career development. Patience and emotional management are useful in handling disappointments and temperaments. Through promotional campaigns and creation of string profile, the pianist manages to seek promoters and brands. Creativity and novelty allow the pianist to grab audience’s

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