Who Is Oberon In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Oberon is shown as a kind and caring fairy in William Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He is a kind and caring fairy by being sympathetic towards humans, caring for anyone who is in trouble and never giving up on bringing true love together. He proves that he is a kind-hearted person, but at the same time he shows that he is a person that only cares about his wants. Furthermore, even though he wants things to go his way, he still cares about the ones that surround him. Firstly, Oberon is a kind and caring fairy because he feels sympathetic towards mortals. To begin, he is sympathetic to vacuous Bottom. He shows this by removing him from being a hideous donkey. If he wanted to he could have kept up with his chicanery…show more content…
First of all, Oberon never gives up on bringing in true lovers together by using love juice. For instance, after Puck tells Oberon about how Titania falls in love with Bottom, he tells him about how he “... latched the Athenian eyes/with... love juice...” (III.ii.36/37).This is significant because this demonstrates that he cares about true love and how significant it is. That is why he is checking with his jester, Puck about their love. Even though Oberon wanted to take revenge on Titania at the end they understood each other and loved one another more than ever before. As well as this, Oberon never gives up on bringing true love together by using the antidote. In particular, after Puck accidentally puts the love juice on the wrong person’s eyes, Oberon tells him to “...crush the herb into Lysander’s eye/ whose liquor hath this virtuous property” (III.ii.366/367). At the start, Oberon wants Demetrius and Helena to be in love because he feels bad for Helena’s love toward him. Then puts the love potion on Lysander’s eyes, which makes Hermia’s trinket relationship fall apart. Then Oberon demands Puck to put the antidote into Lysander’s eyes. This shows that you can bring love together and apart with love juice/antidote as Oberon uses it to make Lysander fall in love again with his true love. In addition, Oberon can bring love together by strewing magic and can fix his mistakes with magic
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