Human Service Fieldwork Reflection

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Learning experiences enable us to learn and utilize those vivid moments for personal and professional growth as we interact with others. The field of Human Services is one of fewer fields that involve so much accountability not just of our action, but as taking the wheels of our lives in multiples aspect; this field required workers capability to reaches and confront into every area of the clients daily life. The book called Human Service Fieldwork I and II text, take the chapter “utilizing the skills and techniques” and talk about self-assessment which is knowing ourselves. What we can do or not do, in order to help others adequately we need to work on our strengths and limitations, and they are aspects that every human being possess, acknowledging…show more content…
The book defined small talk as inconsequential conversation that has no part in the real business of the relationship, is used as ice breaker. I remember a few week ago when the program just started and student were arriving my supervisor was taking the new student and their information and as he was taking their information he was greeting them and taking to them about anything but not class related topic. And after more kids were arriving, he told me to help him out and I started taking to the kids and interacting with them, and while we were getting to each others; I found out the one of the students first name was my last name and is not something big but was impacting, that throughout a small talk we learned interesting stuff from each other. Small talk has a utilitarian purpose because it offers an opportunity to put way all preliminary judgement that are made by all participant about nature the person involved. Small talk is not just an introductory conversation, it initiated the relationship between the worker and the client, is where the truth star building up and that may the client to feel comfortable with the

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