Social Distortion In June Carter's Ring Of Fire

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“Music is the moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”, according to Plato. In 1960’s June Carter wrote the song Ring of Fire to express her love for Johnny Cash. It was later sung by her sister, Anita Carter and when it didn’t top the charts as Johnny believed it could he made his version in 1963. Now the internet is filled with covers of Ring of Fire by artist like Social Distortion and Home Free featuring Avi Kaplan. Even though the artists such as Social Distortion and Home Free was either too young or wasn’t even born yet to hear the recordings of the song from both Anita Carter and Johnny Cash their covers are affected by how America sees war,…show more content…
Even though, during the 1960’s the United States weren’t involved in any way Johnny Cash had a personal connection with the army. In Johnny Cash was once a member of the Air Force in 1950, which explains why he held his guitar as a gun. The reason of Social Distortion’s highly aggressive version is because the United States America were headed to help Kuwait and Saudi Arabia against Iraq in the Persian Gulf War and just ended its invasion of Panama. Social Distortion may felt that the government was being ludicrous for constantly “digging their noses” in the business of other countries. Their version also wants to persuade Americans to be disturbed and angry with the government. War today doesn’t not occur. In 2000’s, advanced technology made it possible to attack countries without leaving our home front. This means soldiers can enter in where and when they want the bomb to drop into a computer and the bomb travels to the appropriate destination, this is the reason for Home Free’s calming, Christmas-like feel for their version of Ring of…show more content…
When Anita Carter and Johnny Cash produced their music, there was limited access to technology so it was impossible for artist to listen to other artist music without purchasing the record. By the 1990’s, technology has advanced and the World Wide Web is now open to the general public and with the use of 70,655 users (Kouzina.2013). This means that people are becoming a little more reliable on the digital world with recording concerts and taking pictures more efficiently. By the 2000’s, technology has crippled the American people and now with inventions such as tablets and Apple products (iPad, iPhone and MacBook), artist have the ability to connect with fans and release music when they feel like it. This means discovered and undiscovered can release music on outlets, such as Sound Cloud and

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