Human Enhancement In Dr. David D. Friedman's Future

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INTRODUCTION Imagine a world where you no longer own an alarm clock. Instead, your hi-tech bed gently vibrates signaling you to wake up, all while your automated closet picks out some freshly cleaned clothes for you to wear to work today. As you traverse downstairs to get a bite to eat, holographic monitors follow your every step displaying all the major news clips from current events. Your 3D food printer, which sensed you making your way down, has already printed your breakfast and your robotic helper hands you your meal as you head out the door to your self-driving car. While it’s not this perfect, futurists predict a very similar future. A future where the creation of advanced technology has enhanced aspects of our lives. But what are…show more content…
Things like solar protective Nano-skin and regenerative organs are what I like to classify as enhancements. These optional upgrades strengthen our quality of life. The same goes for prosthetics which will allow its users to feel objects and offer a wide range of functions not seen in prosthesis today. Besides these, there is another form of “enhancement”, but it occurs before a person is born. 1. Dr. David D. Friedman states in his book, Future Imperfect, that we we’ll be able to “alter cells through germ-line engineering” (p.192), a form of genetic modification which involves changing embryos. He then goes on to state that “this form of engineering has already been used to combat severe combined immune deficiency” (p.192) a disease that makes children’s bodies unable to defend themselves against infection. Once genetic enhancement is finalized, it will be possible to design our own children and their characteristics before they are born. [Transition Statement: Through genetic manipulation and gene tweaking in the future, we can create humans who are immune to diseases and can even run as fast as vehicles

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