Huck Finn's Journey Analysis

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In the first steps of Huck’s journey, his newfound companion Jim plays an important role. Jim is the facilitator of Huck’s growth. Jim’s takes on this role for the following reasons. First, while Huck is much more intelligent than Jim, Jim is reliable, truthful to a fault, and is always willing to help. It is because of these qualities that he is able to be a force for growth in Huck’s journey. The sincerity he exhibits is revealed many times in the story. Jim’s reaction to being reunited with Huck after the fog is one of the best examples of this. Jim was very emotionally invested and that is why he was upset with Huck after he tricked him. Up to this moment Huck is not as invested as Jim is in their relationship and that is a problem. He is not yet at the point in his…show more content…
While the two are different ages, they seem to get along. At certain points Jim acts as a father figure to Huck. He watches over him like a father would and also like a good friend. We see in chapter 20, when is comes time for Huck to stand guard Jim notices Huck is sleepy and he fills in the first half of Huck’s shift. To Huck, Jim is “mighty good”. (188) Jim also values and loves his family very much and wants that for Huck. At one point, Jim tells Huck about his family and Huck is amazed at the idea that Jim loves his family as much as whites would. This preconceived notion Huck had was a part of his society that used to justify breaking up black families. When Jim tells the story of hiting his daughter because she did not obey him, Huck can see that Jim’s concern for his daughter is greater than Pap’s ever was for him. Jim also has very high self-asteem. Even though he is a slave he never acts lesser than Huck in front of him. Jim sees himself as the white man’s equal even though society doesn’t. When the two are separated by

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