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There is Nowhere to Run When something or someone is destroyed there is more to blame than just one, and with the case of Willy Loman it is no different. Willy Loman’s death was not only his fault but the fault of everyone around him. The three factors of Willy’s death were himself, society, and his family; they all played important roles in destroying him and making him finally end his life. Willy, the first of the three topics listed, was in large part to blame for his own downfall. First of all Willy began to have deteriorated mental health, this really blurred his vision of the real world and of the work that he was able to do. At many points in the story Willy was caught talking to himself and having very vivid illusions of people he once knew and of his family and friends from the past. These memories began to haunt Willy, they were destroying him; reminding him of what had been and would could have been almost mocking him because he was not as successful as Ben and that he was never successful at all in his own eyes. BEN: Why, boys, when I was seventeen I walked into jungle and when I was twenty-one I walked out. [He laughs] and by God I was rich! WILLY [To the boys]: You see what I been talking about? The greatest things can happen!(48). I think this quote really shows how Willy is destroying himself by continuing to cling…show more content…
His son Biff is a big part in the destruction of Willy because Biff constantly fights with Willy and is always talking down about him and making him feel like he has never done anything for the family when Willy has always done everything possible for the family. Also Biff is one of the main people that Willy dreams about because Biff is his pride and joy and Willy is constantly thinking that he failed as a father because Biff never amounted to what he was suppose

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