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“You abomination! Loathed by the gods, by me,and by all mankind!” (page 71, line 1321).This is a powerful quote from the play “Medea” because it explains how she is being characterized by Jason. She was not only a abomination to Jason but she also was a abomination to the gods. This play written by Euripides is strong moral about revenge. The play is set in Corinth where all the gods would be. Medea was part-mortal and the granddaughter of the sun god Helios, because of this, she turned out to be a witch. Medea took how she was feeling and showed it with her actions. Medea could be described in many ways, but one way that sticks out the most is Abomination? She was a disgrace to her family, to her home and to life. Throughout the play Medea…show more content…
“Shes dead, the princess, and her father Creon too. Both dead, by your poison. Ah! Excellent news.”(page 61, line 1120). Just by that sentence you can see Medea emotion and how she is feeling about not only the princess dying but also Creon. She is very well excellent that her plan to poison her and kill her work. “What? you are beyond madness, beyond decency--- to commit murder on the royal house and then celebrate?” (page 62, line 1130). Now that she had poison the bride and killed the her father the king she knew there was one thing left to do to hurt Jason the most killing his children. Medea added “They must die, in any case, and as they must it is I, who gave them life,mus kill them. Let my heart be armored against this awful but necessary act.Let my luckless hand take up the sword and walk toward the edge. Let there be no weakness now, no tender memories of their birth. of them as babies:forget them now,and weep for them after. Even if they are killed, they once were loved.Unlike me, unlucky woman that I am.”(page 66, line 1240). In this quote you can see how Medea is comparing how she was love with how the children was loved. She says “ Even if they are killed, they were loved . Unlike me.” right there she is saying how Jason did not love her, but she is comparing her love that Jason did not give her to the love she gave to the children. In the middle of the quote Medea is trying to say that she don't want to remember the day her children was born she don't want to remember her

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