How Does The Author Create Tension In The Red Room

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I think that The Red Room does a better job of creating suspense and fear because I felt that The Red Room was more descriptive about the settings and the protagonist’s feelings and overall had more gothic elements. In The Red Room, the author vaguely describes the outside environment as night time but talks more about the interior of the castle. All of the rooms were really dim, with only flickering candlelight and a fire to light the rooms and halls. The descriptions of the flames flickering and the shadows dancing and chasing against the walls created a very mysterious atmosphere. They also had objects that made the protagonist wary and more nervous, such as the mirror and bronze statues of Ganymede and Eagle. In the red room, there were also parts of the…show more content…
The old man with the withered arm kept repeating, “It is your own choosing,” clearly saying that whatever may happen to the protagonist, it was by no means his fault and that he chose this willingly. Near the end of the story, the protagonist was terrified and panicked because the candles he had set up kept winking out, as if something was going around and snubbing them out, and he couldn’t light them fast enough, until he was enclosed in darkness, where he subsequently freaked out and injured himself. Compared to The Red Room, The Judge’s House didn’t have as much of a sense of fear until the story neared its end, and compared to the protagonist in The Red Room, I thought Malcolm wasn’t as scared or nervous by what was happening around him nor did he really take notice of the warnings that were around him. I also thought that there wasn’t as much buildup and that the buildup was too gradual to give me a good sense of fear compared to The Red Room, which had me apprehensive from the

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