How Does Okonkwo Commit Suicide

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I want to address how society expects men to follow its standards for masculinity, putting down anyone who does not epitomize these standards. Okonkwo commits suicide because of his lost position as a man in his culture; it was replaced by the Church and Christianity values. (First) (I need to show how) From the beginning of the story, he was worried about his manhood, also noticed in opposition to his father who was feminine, without any rank, and forever in debt to the family members. (Second) Okonkwo hates his son Nwoye through the weakness and similarities with his grandfather;however, Nwoye adopts Christianity, and Okonkwo disowns him and refused being part of the clan society. (At Last) He commits suicide out of frustration, protecting his manhood, but his clan members refuse to retaliate against the white man and to protect his murder. His act of suicide is both an act of defiance in defending the traditional ways of his tribe, but also an act of humiliation, because such methods are no more leads to Christianity that has replaced them. SO WHAT: Society views masculinity as powerful and good, and as something all men need to have; if a man doesn’t have this masculinity,…show more content…
In a desperate decision, either being persistent or conversion, you need to be able to choose one or the other; Nwoye chose to convert and live, others have chosen to remain faithful to their heritage and died. But in grey which I would refer Okonkwo. Towards the end, he's stuck with all he was proud of off - the glory of its traditions, culture, and Umuofia - but in the end he abandoned her and committed suicide. If anything, I think that Achebe is trying to reinforce is that when a person is forced to abandon everything he has ever believed in or to die for it, the choice is up to the willpower of this man and his actions from them-that's his choice. Okonkwo decided to defend then suicide; Nwoye chose to

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