How Does Golding Create An Allegory In Lord Of The Flies

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There is a dark side to each and every human soul (Stuart Stevens). Everyone is sinful; in William Goldings novel Lord of the Flies he shows how dark the human heart can be and how the drive for power feeds off of the darkness of the heart. Golding creates an allegory of how jack resembles Hitler and how the uniforms that the jews wore at concentration camps resemble the masks jacks tribe wore to “hide sin”. On April 20, 1889 a darkness was born into the world. People would later come to find this darkness as a man named Adolf Hitler. Hitler showed to the world the true wickedness of a mans heart and the lust for power. Hitler served in WWI and soon after the war he grew a strong passion against foreigners and slaves (Adolf). Hitler was later tried for treason and served eight months in prison. While in prison he wrote Mein Kampf, an autobiography about his views of the German people (Adolf). After being released from prison Hitler began his…show more content…
They had a new identity just like the jews in the concentration camps. The boys are becoming new people and have a new way of life. Jack “ hid, liberated from shame and self consciousness” of the actions he was performing (Golding 64). The masks are a new way of life just like the jew’s uniforms. The Nazis felt shame for what they were doing but with every jew looking the same it made it easier to pretend and hide from their actions. The Nazis felt like they had power over people and that they could do whatever they wanted to the jews. Jack comes up with the idea for wearing masks, they are “ like things trying to look like something else” when hunting ( Golding 65). Golding wanted to portray that the masks are a coverup for how they really feel inside, Shame, just like the Nazis had the jews were uniform because they wanted the jews to look the same so they felt less shame. The shame they felt was because of the evil deeds they

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