How Does Bob Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Have you ever been in a town where strange things happen, racism exist and if you do something you think is good, almost everybody hates you? It soon became a cold wintery month, strange things have started to happen, but why? Snow has fallen but no a lot. Atticus defends Tom Robinson, but doesn’t win the case. Bob Ewell wins the case, but still isn’t satisfied. Bob Ewell is opposed to Atticus, because Atticus is defending Tom Robinson and he doesn’t like that. Bob is sticking to what his daughter Mayella. Mayella claims that Tom beat her, so she tells her dad and now Tom Robinson is in jail. Although Mayella did the crime, Mr. Ewell will make sure someone else does the time. Bob Ewell will do anything just to send an innocent person to
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