How Does Alicia Johnson Achieve Stereotypes Get Paid More Than Women?

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Gender is a role that is typically a higher stressor for females rather than males, due to the undeveloped image the media projects on society. These types of images are displayed in plays, television shows and even books that show examples of women being expected to stay at home, bear the children and let the man of the house take care of them. Even in the workplace, gender is an unprecedented issue, males statistically get paid more than females for doing the same exact work, while women are consistently being treated less than by society or having to try harder to overcome stereotypes and discriminative gender roles that can be both suppressive and discouraging to their life goals. This was especially the case in my interviewer Alicia Johnson, the 52 year old black mother from Greenwich, Connecticut. She spent the majority of her life trying to…show more content…
Less than two years later, a brother was born into her family and only 3 years later her parents got a divorce. Both of her parents went their separate ways, but Alicia and her younger brother stayed with their mother, and only a few years later her mother remarried and gave birth to another son which served as Alicia’s biological half-brother, but full brother in heart. Alicia’s family life was favorably a dysfunctional one, mainly due to the struggles of being born to teenage parents, along with them getting divorced only a few years later. Her parents were not emotionally stable enough to raise a family, however, they continued to have children anyway in the face of immaturity, causing Alicia to have detached relationships with both her mother and father. Neither of them were ideal role models in her life, instead her father’s sister (aunt) took the lead of being Alicia’s role model, something that her mother always resented her

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