Frank Abagnale's Use Of Fraud In Catch Me If You Can

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catch Me if You Can, is a movie founded on a true story of Frank Abagnale Junior, a 16-year-old boy in the 1960s who was able to work as a lawyer, doctor and a co-pilot for a renowned airline before his 18th birthday. Frank lives happily with his loving mother and father until the parents decide to divorce due to financial constraints that saw them sell their car and house. Frank decides to try life on his own and devices schemes for his survival. He engages in various types of fraud such as a master of deception which include being a lawyer, a Pan Am Airline Pilot, a pediatrician and a teacher. He as well does checks forgery making himself millions of dollars before FBI sends agent Carl Hanratty (Hanks) to go after him. Frank devices ways…show more content…
Frank can get away with this fraud by first getting to learn the operations of the airline through an official of Pan American. He then goes ahead to acquire a pilot’s uniform from their distributor’s warehouse at New York and makes payroll checks of Pan Am that help him survive. The airline had put in place an identification system of their workers to avoid deception, but they did not take much time to look into Franks documents to determine whether they were genuine. The airline ought to have a system of verifying documents by sending them to the school attended by a student for…show more content…
However, that was not enough; they could have as well ensured that the individual depositing the check had an authorization from the owner of the bank account. At the time the banks could only detect forgery through a false signature, they could have done better if they could inquire from the authorizing authority of the check for verification of such a transaction before paying out the cash. They could have as well detected the fraud given that the individual involved was a teenage who was dealing with large sums of cash. As such, they should have become suspicious to carry out an investigation (National Fraud Check

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