Study Hall And Lunch Should Be Longer Essay

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Many people may disagree with me but I have firsthand evidence why study hall and lunch should both be longer. In my personal opinion I think that lunch and study hall should be much longer than they are. Lunch and study hall are both a “whopping” 25 minutes a piece. There are many reasons that I will explain such as not having enough time to finish work in study hall. Also not having enough time to eat is a downside sometimes. Some people do homework really slow or don’t understand the material. Also they might not have enough time to do computer work in the library. Some people don’t have internet access at home so they have to rely on this short 25 minute period to work on long assignments. Certain people may not have time to do important school assignments that are due the next day. It could also take a long time to…show more content…
Some teachers will make a student stay at the end of an hour to finish a test or quiz. Some people, like me, have medical emergencies such as sprained ankles or nose bleeds. Sometimes when a teacher will move rooms to a room across the building the hour before your lunch and make you have to rush to even be on time, which most of the time you are late anyways because of hallway traffic and hall monitors. Another thing when you get to the lunchroom some of the lines are exceedingly long because of a specialty, a favorite, etc. Some people like me may not get enough social interaction with their friends. New kids especially have a hard time making new friends. They also (just like kids who are normally here) on top of work, stress, and trying to have fun miss out on the last one, fun. The shortness of the lunch hour prohibits people from socializing because people are worried about trying to eat or trying to get a start on homework for study hall. It is also hard to socialize if and when you are late to lunch or study

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