How Did The Wright Brothers Impact Society

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Born in 1867 and 1871, the Wright Brothers greatly impacted today’s society. The Wright Brothers invented the first plane in December 1903. The Wright Brothers were interested in in aviation their whole lives, from their childhood, their teenage years when they decided to become scientists, to their adult life and science career to their late lives and death (Mccullough,2005). Wilbur Wright , the third of seven children in his family, was born on April 16, 1867 to Milton and Susan Wright. Four years later, Orville Wright was born on August 19, 1871.Their father Milton was a bishop in The Church of the United Brethren of Christ, and was the editor of his church’s newspaper. Due to his church calling, he traveled often to assist other churches (Buckley, 2014). When Orville was seven, and Wilbur was…show more content…
He took six weeks to recover. While he was bedridden, he would read a lot from the family library (Buckley, 2014). He also read a lot from the news, which contained a lot about air travel. Orville read a lot about the aviationists of his day, including Samuel Langley, Octave Chanute, and Otto Lilienthal. The Wright Brothers became most inspired by Lilienthal. Sadly, he died due to a glider crash in August 1896. The Wright brothers took him as inspiration, and wanted to improve his work (Romanowski, Sep. 20, 2015). The Wright Brothers later said that they were also inspired by the glider given to them as children (Buckley, 2014). Wilbur wrote the Smithsonian in Washington DC looking for information about human flight. The Smithsonian sent back lots of information, which the Wright Brothers read over and over. One day while working in the bike shop, Wilbur was twisting an inner tube box. He noticed that when one end went up, the other went down. This reminded him of how birds twist their wings during flight. That inner tube box gave him the idea to start implementing this into a glider (Wadsworth,

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