Triple P-Positive Parenting Progam Summary

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I chose to write about the article “Does adding an en emotion component enhane the Triple P-Positive Parenting Progam?” The goal of this study was to determine whether the already successful Tripple-P-Positive Parenting Program would yield better results if a focus on emotional compentensies was included. The researches hypothesized that the children who received the Emotion Enhanced Tripple P program would exhibit fewer behavioral issues, and display higher levels of emotion competence compared to their peers who received the standard triple p program. Researchers also hypothesized that parents who took parent in the triple emotion enhanced program would be more likely to incorporate emotion elements when speaking with their children about past experiences, and that parents of both groups would have similar levels of satisfaction. The independent variable was the Emotion Enhanced Triple P Program, and the dependent variables were child emotion competence, child conduct, parent emotion discussion, and parent satisfaction. 42 families with children ages 3 to 6 who demonstrated significant behavioral issues took part in the study.…show more content…
Children were shown short scenes with puppets, or read illustrated stories, and asked to identify characters emotions or explain why a character was feeling two emotions. Children were awarded 2 points for correct answers, and 1 point for partially correct answers. Researchers also used The Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, fourth Addition (PPVT-4 Dunn and Dunn, 2007) to assess child verbal

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