How Does Frank Miller Use Color In Sin City

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Examining the Color Code for Sin City Frank Miller uses the film noir techniques for his Sin City series, not only to mimic the comic book from which the Sin City movies are based on, but to also exaggerate emotion and characters by throwing in spots of color to show the importance of certain aspects and moments. To dramatize and make more interesting, Miller amplifies his films with the use of distinct colors to overwhelm viewers’ senses. Use of color differs villains and heroes. Villains’ may be shown in smaller settings with lighter shades of black. Heroes are shown in sharper blacks, frequented by amplified colors. Even more, villains’ blood is often white, to signify the evil and inhumanness of their actions or motifs. Heroes bleed dark…show more content…
A hero only in his chivalrous nature, Marv is not a typical knight in shining armor. He bleeds a deep red, something I think can as a sign of either his victory in fights, power because of his reputation who strikes fear into the hearts of all or even his madness. Marv is a considerably unstable character, suffering from paranoia and schizophrenia. Marv is depicted in a few scenes with a woman by the name of Blondie, who is shown in vibrant colors. Her hair is yellow, with bright red lips and on a red heart shaped bed. The yellow, in this instance, could be a sign of energy. Because of her youth, she would be displayed as extremely energetic. The red, as she is lying in bed naked and planning to have sex with Marv, is a blatant sign of sexuality in the movie and possible romance. These scenes are not usually happy ones for Marv, so the red could also be a sign of his madness. In several final scenes, Marv is shown with pure white bandages on his face. I think the white is a clear symbol of the purity of intent in which those wounds were inflicted. Marv is not shown with many other colors. Which I take to be Miller interpreting Marv as a villain in the fact that he is still a murderer, but with the occasional bits of color display that he does have a good heart in

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