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The Renaissance, or “rebirth” of European culture, originated in Florence, Italy around the 14th century (“renaissance”), is the process in which civilization leaves the Dark Ages and transforms into a period of enlightenment. According to Hunt, Martin, And Rosenwein at this time ideals resurfaced from the Roman era in ways of art, architecture, writing, science and theory (430). Despite the cultural changes during this period of insight the expectations of a women in society saw little to no variation. Margaret L King, author of Women of the Renaissance, depicts the life of a woman in religious, domestic, and intellectual aspects throughout all classes. King's primary thesis is that women did not have a Renaissance and elaborates through the use of historical and biblical evidence that this statement is true. King uses previous historic documents like letters, laws, and documents written by other…show more content…
Women writers and poets became inducted into society strongly. Women were writing about god, love, sex and critical analysis of the “predicament of female existence in male society”. (King 219) Women wanted a voice in a world where their opinions meant nothing. Women were still only being seen as being good at “sewing and childbearing” (King 222) when more females were learning reading and writing skills. Being able to think for themselves and form an argument through the simple use of words and understanding what those words mean. The European world was going through an educational reform that was attempting to leave women behind in the dust. And while most did have the chance to take advantage of the knowledge going around due to them being locked into their so called duties. The ones who did get to express their voice, which once had no meaning other than telling people she was pregnant, got to tell the world about the unjust treatment of

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