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BULL FIGHTING IN MADRID, SPAIN. Bull fighting is a spectacular event that is deep rooted among the Spanish people. The event forms a great part of their culture and it has continued to be observed since time immemorial. To the Spaniards, who consist of Andalucians, the Catalans, the Basques and the Galicians, it is viewed as a fine art and not necessarily a sport. The event attracts thousands of people all the way from San Sebastian and Burgos and Avila. The bulls are first caroled in a ring. The ring is usually a concrete corridor that is no longer used. This way, they are kept away from the excited crowd. The bulls are usually very wild and untamable. Those taking part in the bull fight are referred to as toreros. They are mostly dressed in tight fitting trousers and jackets. Their piece of…show more content…
Still running, he keeps on swirling the piece of clothing he is holding in his hand(s). The bull charges after him. Since the bull is usually faster than the fighter, it always catches up on him. To prevent the bull from goring its sharp horns deep in his body, the torero may opt to lie flat on the ground when the bull catches up with him. This is usually the most difficult time since the bull may trample on the fighter while still lying on the ground. If the fighter does not stand up after three minutes, the emergency team (which comprises of medical practitioners) then goes to the rescue. The team then shoots on the neck muscles of the bull using mildly poisoned arrows. These arrows are mostly dipped in ether. When the bull is shot this way, its neck muscles weakness and the bull is finally drugged. Its horns are tied using a strong piece of rope and the bull is then driven back to its cage. A torero who finds himself in such a situation is always found unconscious. The emergency team lifts him up and takes him directly to a medical camp which is usually constructed near by the bull fighting

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