How Did The Bubonic Plague Affected The Climate Of The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages was a very interesting time for English history because people could experience many different things and this was like a time where everything was going downhill. During the Middle Ages the population of Europe increased greatly as technological and agricultural innovations allowed trade to flourish. If trade was flourishing during this time that means that the economy was seeing changes and getting better. The climate of the Middle Ages helped agriculture and allowed crop yields to increase. People could see that the Middle Ages had a lot of effects on the outside world and what it did and brought about a new way at life during this time. The Middle Ages had significant other things that made it what it was but the Black Death was the most interesting because of the impact and how it affected other countries as well as the continent of Europe. Before the plague hit there was a war going on called “The Hundred Years War” that the plague came in the middle of and interrupted it. The Black Death was one of the main reasons we have diseases here today, as well as the practices…show more content…
The disease quickly spread west to Europe and people began dying rapidly. The Bubonic Plague hit Europe 6 times before 1450.The disease would cause black spots on your skin. Many cities would suffer far more from the plague than in the country. There was no medicine at the time of the first outbreak to prevent this so if you were affected than you were stuck with it. The life expectancy of a person was two days after the disease was caught on them. Parents would abandon children and even fathers would abandon their wives. Tumors could range from the size of an egg to the size of an apple. The sick would often communicate with the healthy to give them the disease if they were near. After about five years the Black Plague killed 5 million

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