How Did Noah Build The Ark

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Noah was one of the biblical figures of the bible. He is seen as one of the fathers of the human race. During the time period when Noah existed, God was upset about the way people were behaving. The only person who was not sinful and remained faithful to God was Noah. The humankind was so bad it made God want to start over. Noah being the only good one, God choose him to complete a task. The task was to build an Ark for him, his family, and all of the animals. When the Ark was completed, God sent a flood to kill the bad people. The only things that survived was Noah and his family and all of the animals to start the world over. After the flood, God put a rainbow as a symbol to promise he would not flood the earth again. The book “Noah: The real Story” and the movie “Noah”go more into detail about his journey. The book “Noah” gives a brief…show more content…
God told Noah how big to make the ark, and to make it with three decks and rooms inside and an opening at the top and a door in the side. The ark was made up of gopher wood and was covered with pitch for waterproofing. Even though God told Noah about the ark, Noah had to design it to make it able to survive the water and house him, his family, and the animals. A lot of questions are asked where is the famous ark now some say it rests on the Mount Ararat. Mount Ararat is where Noah and his family settled just east of Ararat in Nakhchivan which is known to be “the place where Noah landed after the flood.” Many people climbed Mount Ararat in search of the ark. They all tell different stories about climbing the mountain some say they saw it, they took pictures, and grabbed a piece of it. No one really has proof of the ark their pictures disappear and the piece of wood grabbed of the ark could be fake. Also, no one has climbed the whole mountain because it’s so dangerous. There are a few replicas of the ark located in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Canada, and one is coming to

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