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Saint Mary Magdelene by: Natalie Wheeler Saint Mary Magdelene lived in Gentile town in northern Galilee called Magdale. This is why her name is Magdelene. Mary was a big sinner, she had 7 devils removed from her. She was present at Jesus’ Crucifixion and Jesus’ empty tomb. She was given the Holy Eucharist daily by angels, this was her only food, after she was baptized. Mary died at age 72. St. Mary Magdelene's’ feast day is on July 22nd. After Mary met Jesus after being a big sinner, she felt sorrow for her life of sinning. Mary wiped Jesus’ feet dry with her hair at the last supper and anointed them with expensive perfume. People were shocked that Jesus would touch such as sinner, but Jesus could see deep into her heart. Mary served Jesus and his apostles. Mary was the first to see Jesus’ body missing , so she thought someone had taken the Body of her beloved Master. A recognizable spoke, “Mary!’’ It was Jesus risen from the dead! Mary was a very important saint who had experience with Jesus. She shows us that Jesus forgives even sinners. Saint Mary Magdelene The Bible Saint Monica…show more content…
He was much older than she was. He was generous, but he was tempered. This was a challenge to Saint Monica. Saint Monica had three children. They were Augustine, Navigius, and Perpetua. She was able to convert her husband and mother to the Catholic faith. She was capable of this because of her prayers and her patience. The year after her husband was converted to the Catholic faith, he passed away. Her children Navigius and Perpetua entered the religious life. Augustine was more difficult about this. She prayed for him for 17 years and begged for prayers from the priests. Eventually Saint Augustine was baptised by Saint Ambrose. Unfortunately she died later that year on her way back from Africa to Rome. in the town of Ostia. Her feast day is on August 27th. She is the Patron of Wives and Abuse

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