Compare And Contrast Existential-Humanistic Vs Psychodynamic

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A therapist could use either the existential-humanistic or the psychodynamic approach. Both of these therapies have empirical evidence that supports their effectiveness. Psychodynamic therapy is what people usually imagine when they think of psychological treatment for depression. The psychiatrist and the patient examining the past has become one of the staples of our culture. Whereas the existential-humanistic approach is less well known but just as effective. It moves beyond the discussions of the past and it’s stress to a more positive psychology. It’s main principle being that thoughts influence moods. The first, more well known, therapy the therapist could use would be the psychodynamic perspective. This perspective assumes that the person is depressed because of some unresolved, generally unconscious, conflict. However unlike the existential-humanistic approach, psychodynamic therapy does not have a set amount of sessions in which to overcome depression. It is open-ended and based on the process of free association where the patient is encouraged to speak freely about whatever was on his mind. Jane, our therapist, would help Adam explore the entire range of his emotions by finding ways to talk about his feelings that are contradictory or troubling. She would help Adam recognize that being able to explain a reason for a difficult emotion…show more content…
Therefore, if Adam thought Jane was critical or did not like him, this would be seen to come from his psyche. Jane would then be guiding Adam on how to recognize and then address his reactions to distressing thoughts and feelings. For example, Adam may be unwilling to speak of an emotional experience because of critical feedback from the past. She would help him see how his resistance to speak about those thoughts and feelings was hindering his experiences and keeping him from moving on from those

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