Epidemiology In Robin Cook's Outbreak

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Epidemiology is a major component of public research, studying factors affecting the health of the population. In the novel Outbreak the author Robin Cook portrayed the different branches of Epidemiology accurately. In the novel three outbreaks happens one in L.A, second one happened in St. Louis, third and last one happened in Phoenix. In every outbreak Marissa Blumenthal the main character she is a small delicate woman with pretty eyes that are a dark brown and thick lashed and, heavy hair. She is involve with finding main source of the Ebola virus on each of the three outbreaks and she uses her skills as an epidemiologist to pin point the transmissions of the Ebola virus . The authors Robin cook braches of epidemiology to microbiology, pathology, virology, immunology and medical research. Marissa she didn’t ask to be a part…show more content…
An epidemiologist uses several of tools like “by the application of various analytical techniques including mathematical analysis of the data, the probable cause of an infectious outbreak can be pinpointed. This connection between epidemiology and infection make microorganisms an important fact of epidemiology. “An epidemiologist determines the numbers of individuals affected by a disease, the environmental contributions to disease, the causative agents of disease, and the transmission patterns and lethality of disease”. “Epidemiologist evaluates factors such as disease transmissibility from and infected person to susceptible individuals, the number average contacts infected persons has with a susceptible population, and the length of exposure to determine whether a disease outbreak has the potential to spread or become an epidemic or pandemic” (Epidemiology) and an “epidemiologist is concerned with the interactions of organisms and their environment (epidemiology). To summarize a job as an epidemiologist is to focus on their time to make sure that the environment is a safe place for the population and that no epidemic of pandemic

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