Daucus Carot Lab

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INTRODUCTION For this lab experiment, we were provided with three different seeds to choose from. Once we chose a seed, we had to determine which treatment we wanted to apply to the seed over the course of approximately ten days and observe how the seeds react; identify if germination occurs or not. In my group, we wanted to test how well carrot seeds would germinate when different percentages of a sugar solution were initially added to the seeds inside the Petri dishes. Carrots, scientifically known as Daucus carota, are popularly grown in many parts of the world ("The Carrot Today"). There are heavily produced in China, Russia, and North America ("The Carrot Today"). This well known vegetable grows underground. The part that we eat is actually…show more content…
I hypothesize that the seeds with a higher percentage of sugar solution added to them will have more germination than the others because plants like sugar, so the more sugar (energy) a plant has, the more it can put into the process…show more content…
We acquired twelve unused Petri dishes and placed a small round piece of paper towel in each one of them. Three of the dishes were labeled as control in which we only applied water to the seeds. The other nine dishes were used as our experimental. They were divided equally into three groups each containing three Petri dishes. Each group would have a different percentage of solution applied, 30%, 60%, or 90%. We placed five seeds on top of the paper towel in each Petri dish and then sprayed its respective liquid onto the paper towels just until the paper looked wet enough. We wrapped each Petri dish with parafilm to trap in the moisture as much as possible. Once a day, over the course of nine days, we would unwrap the parafilm, spray water onto the paper towel in each Petri dish until it looked good, log any signs of germination, and rewrap each dish with parafilm. We had to water the seeds every day so the seeds wouldn't dry out and so germination would hopefully occur. The paper towels were a key part of each Petri dish because it safely provided just enough water for the seeds to use for germination. If we filled up the Petri dishes full of water as opposed to using the paper towel method, the seeds would drown and no germination would occur because the seeds would eventually

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